Thai On Wok, Glebe

19th November – Lunch

It’s pretty hard to find bad Thai food in Sydney! It seems every suburb these days has at least one Thai hotspot, often complete with sweet cheap lunch deals and a whole lot of spice.

Thai On Wok on Glebe Point Road is a typical small Thai restaurant, open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. But what really sets it apart from its competitors is the unbelievable freshness of its ingredients – you can really taste the difference from the very first bite.


With a very reasonable lunch deal of $9 for the majority of their menu, Thai On Wok isn’t the place for a quiet sit-down meal, as there is limited seating crammed pretty close together, squeezed in around with their open style kitchen. In saying this, the quality of food served up in this small space is impeccable!


We decided on Pad See Ew with chicken with an added little bit of chilli and Peanut Sauce with beef and rice. The meals came out with impressive speed and there was a good balance between meat and vegetables in both dishes. Each was packed with a punch of flavours – both with rich and tasty fresh sauces.  The only downfall was the huge amount of fresh chilli scattered throughout the Pad See Ew despite asking for just a small amount. Generally chilli is not a problem for us but be warned: any request for chilli in any Thai place is a full-on commitment!



If sitting in a jam-packed noisy space isn’t your cup of tea, try to score a seat outside or follow the lead of the locals and opt for takeaway.


Serving size is generous, especially for lunch under $10 and along with a huge variety on the menu, Thai On Wok is definitely one foodie joint in Glebe that you want to check out.

Atmosphere: 6.5

Service: 6

Food: 8

Value: 9

Overall: 7.5/10

Vapiano, Sydney CBD

29th October – Lunch

What was once part of the Grace Hotel on the corner of King and York St, is now Vapiano, a funky new Scandinavian pasta restaurant with a twist to your average restaurant experience!

At Vapiano, they specialise in made-to-order pasta and pizza. Upon entry, you are handed a small ‘credit’ card, with a quick explanation. Swiping your card can be a little confusing if you haven’t been there before but not too difficult to get the hang of it. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

There are a few different stations to choose from whether you’re looking for pasta, pizza, antipasto or a drink to accompany. At each station, there are a few chefs waiting to whip up a dish of your choice from their menu.  Each dish ordered can be customised, for example: the type of pasta, amount of chilli, added mushrooms or minus those blasted jalapenos! Your dish is speedily made in front of your eyes and and you will be prompted to scan your card to add the price to your bill, paid on exit. Crusty bread is complimentary!

We both opted for pasta; an order of the Ali’ Arrabbiata with fetticini, cooked with a spicy homemade tomato sauce to which we added some chicken breast and a little chilli, and the Salami e Ricotta con Rucola with penne, a generous serve of salami, ricotta, pine nuts, white wine and fresh rocket, with our complimentary bread. Both dishes were outstanding in flavour, taste and texture. The fact that you interact with the chef on the face to face level makes your eating experience that much more personalised, as the chef is able to tailor your dish exactly to your liking. The serving size is decent too; enough to fill you up without leaving you feeling bloated.

IMG_20141025_132508 - Copy

IMG_20141025_132552 - Copy

The restaurant itself is a new concept to ‘grace’ the streets of Sydney, following in the footsteps of its counterparts overseas. Utilising the stunning decor of the Grace Hotel combined with a stylish Scandinavian influence, Vapiano is truly beautiful place to eat in the CBD. As we visited at an off peak time, our wait time was nil, although at busier times, the wait in line for a chef may be quite frustrating. Our advice is to go for an earlier lunch or dinner to avoid the queues.

IMG_20141025_132521 - Copy

Clean cut and classy, despite our casual attire we felt very welcome there. With the vibrant atmosphere and exceptional customer service, not to mention the incredible food, we will definitely be back.

Atmosphere: 7.5

Service: 8.5

Food: 9

Value: 7.5

Overall: 8/10

Sydney’s Annual Night Noodle Markets

Tuesday 21st October – Dinner

For those who have been to the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park before, you know the deal, but for those who have never heard of it or have never been, jump on it; the Night Noodle Markets are an annual occurrence for lovers of Asian street food. The markets are temporary set up in the heart of Sydney which has grown hugely in popularity over the past few years. As part of Sydney’s Good Food Month (aka the best month of the year!), the noodle markets this year boasted a record of 50 stalls, spanning from all corners of the Asian kitchen.

As we wanted to try as much on offer as possible, we decided to share a few plates:

Round 1 – Zilver Yum Cha First up, we took on Zilver’s combo A option to kick us off. The plate was made up of stir fried noodles, a spring roll, one duck pancake and 2 small satay skewers, all together for $16. This was a great mix of flavours and really hit the spot, tasting just as good as if you were sitting down at yum cha. Zilver has two combined stalls, with a decent line, however the lines moves pretty quickly and what we received at the end was definitely worth the wait!

Round 2 – Dim Sim Station 7 dumplings: 2 prawn, 2 vegetarian, 2 seafood/chives, one mushroom + a spring roll and a pork bun/bao for $15 – solid deal! We find that when digging into dumplings, steamed options tend to be the go-to, as unlike fried options, they don’t leave a lingering oily taste in your mouth, but generally do take a little longer to cook. However, there was a zero wait time as the dumplings were freshly steamed and ready to go in giant bamboo steamers. Nothing too special, but never the less tasted amazing! Don’t forget the chilli sauce (:

Round 3 – Teppanyaki Noodles With a decent line and an even longer wait time, these noodles are made to order. We went for the beef yakisoba with cheese – thin noodles, cabbage, teriyaki sauce and mayo. A very filling dish, these noodles have a strong teriyaki flavour and the sauce is quite creamy, which may not appeal to every taste. We quite enjoyed it though, but wasn’t the stand out choice for us. _ The markets were bustling, especially for a Tuesday night. It was quite tough to find a seat, but we didn’t mind sitting down on the grass. Best option is to bring a picnic blanket and mark out your territory. 3 or 4 bars could be found scattered around the park, offering wine, beer, cider and gin to the classier of us. The crowds were occasionally tricky to navigate, however they did contribute to the great atmosphere and vibe of place, remnant of food markets found in Shanghai or Hanoi. Well lit with gorgeous decorations, fairy lights and a well-planned layout, this food festival is definitely not one to miss.


In hindsight, be prepared to spend more than you bargained for, but you’re guaranteed a great night out. Bang smack right on, Sydney – a fabulous noodle affair, thank you very much.

Atmosphere: 9

Service: N/A (due to the nature of the markets)

Food: 8

Value: 6.5

Overall: 8/10

Fancy a Pizza sandwich?

Friday 17th October – Lunch

Trust me, we were a little intrigued (and slightly confused) too! We decided to try out another place in the Railway Square area; an Italian restaurant and bar called Dulcis Domis Woodfire Pizza on Broadway, right near the new Central Park shopping centre and opposite UTS. The restaurant is open every day of the week, right through from breakfast to late (dinner only for Sundays). A beautifully illustrated cocktail menu and bright modern decor greeted us nicely.

We decided on the Spaghetti Gamberi and the Saltibocca Ignorante, which is a traditional pizza sandwich with salami, mozzarella and gorgonzola. The serving sizes were quite small, especially for the price you pay, which was a little disappointing. However the food did taste great – the pasta was nice and light and the pizza sandwich was oozing with cheese!



The atmosphere was extremely pleasant with some ambient music playing in the background with plenty of window-side seats to soak in the natural sunlight. We were instantly attended to by nice waitress who was helpful enough although nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall we did enjoy lunch however it would take a few more cheaper lunch specials to keep us coming back. It would be nice to try a dinner another time with some cocktails!

Ciao for now!

Atmosphere: 7

Service: 6

Food: 7.5

Value: 5.5

Overall: 6.5/10

A new face to the noodle competition

Thursday 16th October – Late Lunch

Down a little road called Quay St, opposite Central station and Railway square, you will find a surprising number of cheap and cheerful Asian tastes. We are frequent visitors to this street and decided that for our first review, we would review a place there on it’s first legs.

Yummy One offers a decent choice of dishes with South Chinese influence. We both ordered noodle dishes – the Singapore noodles and the combination fried rice noodle dish, and a serve of steamed dumplings to top it off.

Both dishes were ready quite quickly and the dumplings followed not too far behind. The flavours in the food were from the get go; extremely present, in a good way of course, this made every bite enjoyable. The servings were nice and large, and great value. In saying this the Singapore noodles is a very dry dish so near the end of this giant serve you are left with a need for a bit of water. On the other hand, the combination noodle dish was great, except for being too much to actually finish. Shining above the rest were the superior steamed dumplings, these were incredibly good, the sauce was amazing!!

And all above, we both ate for a total bill of just shy of $30.


As we forgot to take a picture of our dishes, here is a shot of them well enjoyed!

The restaurant itself is tiny, as with most noodle and dumpling houses in this area, so expect to not have enough room to swing a cat. As we opted for a late lunch, we had no difficulty finding a table. The service was average. There was a nice lady behind the counter ready to take your order but after the process was done and you are dusted you off. When the dishes were served by the same lady there was no naming go dishes as they were placed, lucky we knew the food we were having, which would help aid people who did not know exactly what they were ordering.

All that said and done, Yummy One is a nice place to eat if you’re not expecting the world, just looking to grab a quick feed of noodles or a stir-fry. If Yummy One wants to stay ahead of other places in it’s area it will need to pick up its game in a few ways.

Atmosphere: 6

Service: 4.5

Food: 7

Value: 7.5

Overall: 6.5/10

One Fork, Two Fork???

What is this page? Why am I here? What is going on?

That’s what.

We are Peter and Blaise, two (probably way too) obsessed foodies living in the beautiful city of Sydney. The other day, we realised that the main hobby we share is eating. And not just eating. Eating LOTS. As we both aren’t the most inspiring of cooks, but love to eat, we generally thought this was the best way to discover and share some of Sydney’s best (and reasonably priced) feeds.

Here we will post reviews of the places we have visited and what we thought of what they had to offer. We will consider the quality of food, value, service and atmosphere and give it an overall score out of ten.

If you have any suggestions of some amazing places you’ve found, hit us up with a comment and we’d love to try it out!

Cool! Let’s get eating, friends.